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Foster Care

Unfortunately, we have the dilemma of too many pets and not enough space. One very important program that helps to significantly increase pet adoptions and save lives is our foster care program.

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Donations are always welcomed, and very much needed! Donations are always needed to help care for retired greyhounds before they are adopted. Adoption fees are used to cover some expenses. However many dogs need additional care before placement, which in many cases, can be quite costly.

Lend Your Time - Long Island Greyhound Connection

Lend Your Time

Long Island Greyhound Connection and the greyhounds we welcome for adoption are extremely grateful for the tremendous community support we receive. Our volunteers are indispensable. They are dedicated people of all ages, from all walks of life, who thoughtfully donate thousands of hours of their own personal time to help these retired greyhounds.

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Support Our Events

Attend, donate items, sponsor or volunteer at our participating events.
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